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Heating and Air Conditioning Central SC

At PECO Air, your comfort is our priority. Our family-owned and operated Christian company serves upstate South Carolina, including Oconee, North Anderson, Pickens, and Greenville Counties. Every PECO service technician holds a SC refrigerant license and our company is properly insured, so you can rest easy knowing we will properly handle your heating, cooling, and electrical repairs and service. We provide a full range of services for our valued customers, from emergency repairs to designing a cost-effective system that will improve your comfort and save you money.

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We have a live answering service 24/7. We offer same day or next day service calls for repairs. Our expertise, promptness, and customer service make us the best choice for heating, cooling, and electrical needs. Whether you need a diagnostic, repairs, or installation, you can rely on our experienced team. We stand by our work and offer a 1 year parts and labor warranty on all repairs. Contact us today to set up an appointment.

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Did you know that lint build-up inside dryer cabinets cause more than 15,000 fires each year?! While drying clothes, lint travels through the tiny gaps around the dryer drum. This builds up inside the dryer cabinet, especially if the exhaust vent is clogged. This lint is easily ignited by gas burners, electric heating elements, or a spark from the motor. Once a flame has caught, they travel through the lint-lined exhaust vent. Lint fires are dangerous but they are preventable. Be sure to thoroughly clean your dryer cabinet and exhaust vent regularly to eliminate lint build-up and maximize air flow. ...

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! May the luck of the Irish be with you. ☘️☘️☘️ ...

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When the weather is cold, there’s danger of pipes freezing. Frozen pipes are an inconvenience and a risk for bursting, which can cost thousands of dollars in repairs to the pipes and flood damage. Here are some simple tips all homeowners can do to keep the hot water flowing.
1. If you notice that a faucet has completely stopped or has slowed to a trickle, turn off the faucet! It may be a sign the pipe is frozen. Call a plumbing professional immediately.
2. If you have a frozen pipe behind a wall, turn up the heat in your home or try to use a hair dryer to thaw out the pipe. Set the thermostat, even if you are going to leave town, to at least 55 degrees to prevent frozen pipes.
3. Leave cabinet doors open so that heat can easily reach pipes.
4. Add extra insulation to pipes, especially in basements and attics, to protect against freezing.
5. If you need assistance with your plumbing, call (864) 639-2424!

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I only have good things to say about the company and the techs. I have found that you guys are very reliable and trustworthy these would be two of the biggest things that I can think of when dealing with a company. READ MORE >>
Pedro Knouse
They came pretty quickly. It didn't take long for the tech to do what he needed to do and he even showed me how to fix the problem in the future. READ MORE >>
Colby Tiger
Very pleased that PECO was able to come out so quickly. The tech came early both times. Timeliness was great and the system was fixed. Thank you!! READ MORE >>
Oliver Lindsey
Everything went well. The technician was very polite and helpful. Thank you!! READ MORE >>
Kelli Jacobs
Mark and Mary and the entire PECO team were great to work with. They personally came out to my residence yo offer a custom solution for my basement renovation project. Not only did they specify the best HVAC equipment for the job, but the price was very competitive to... READ MORE >>
Carolyn Wall
Very pleased with the work and the unit! The guys that came out were great! Very pleased with the service. Will be doing business again. READ MORE >>
- Robert Milton
Came out at a time that was convenient, and had time to answer some questions I had. Thank you!!! READ MORE >>
- Lois Ledoux
I just want to thank you and Matt for your quick response to our problem. I am pretty sure we have it resolved to everyone's satisfaction. Customer service counts for a lot, and PECO is at the head of the list. Thanks again! READ MORE >>
Bridgette Hernandez

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