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Do you need a plumber in Six Mile SC? There’s a family-owned, reliable business that can help with all your plumbing needs. PECO offers residents of Six Mile, as well as residents in the greater Pickens, Oconee, Anderson, and Greenville counties, fantastic customer service and professional plumbing repairs.

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As your local plumber in Six Mile SC we offer:

  • Basic Plumbing Services – faucet, toilet, and drain repairs
  • Installation – shower valves, faucets, toilets, and garbage disposals
  • Water Heaters – installation and repairs of all types of hot water heaters, including tank or tankless, gas or electric
  • Gas Line – installation of natural or LP

Advantages of A Reliable Local Plumbing Business


One of the benefits of working with PECO’s highly qualified service experts is our upfront pricing. We utilize a flat rate book pricing, so you don’t get a surprise when you see the bill. You never have to wonder if a plumber is purposefully slowing down on the job or adding on extra fees, because our comprehensive quotes let you know the price of plumbing repairs beforehand. Our team works with the flat book pricing to provide excellent work in a timely manner.

Our flat book pricing isn’t the only reason people in South Carolina turn to PECO. Our local plumbing services are honest, thorough, and professional. Our team is made up of thoroughly trained service experts that go above and beyond to ensure your problem is fixed. We believe in doing things differently. That means putting the customers’ needs first and prioritizing our people. We explain what repairs are needed so you understand what is going on throughout the process, and are happy to answer any questions. Our plumbers not only fix pesky issues, they educate the public so they have future plumbing problems. If you have a plumbing emergency, contact PECO.  We will have a professional plumber out to your Six Mile SC home promptly. Need routine plumbing services? Call and make an appointment today. We look forward to working with you.

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