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Do you have questions about when to replace your air conditioning unit in Sunset SC? PECO Heating and Cooling has talked previously about when to replace your AC system, but we are going to ask a few questions that might steer you in the right direction:

  • How old is your air conditioning system? If your HVAC system is more than a decade old and a professional technician tell you that it needs extensive repairs, it might be more cost effective to replace the unit. Purchasing a new AC system may save you the expense and hassle of several more repair calls.
  • Is your unit more trouble than its worth? When you need to constantly call in for repairs on a unit, it can add up in cost and time. Instead of wasting time with repairs, it may be less time and less hassle to replace it. This is especially true if your unit is older or a cheaper model.
  • If your unit has been maintained properly and is running at full capacity, yet cannot keep your home a comfortable cool temperature, it is ill-fitting for the space. You might need a more powerful unit that can adequately reach your entire home. Our service technicians can determine this problem and let you know their recommendations.

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Does your malfunctioning HVAC system have you Google searching “air conditioning repair near me”? PECO offers professional  air conditioning Sunset SCelectricians, prompt service, and high quality work that is thorough. We are the only company you need to call for air conditioning services in Sunset SC.

We have experience working with all different types of AC units and can give you a professional opinion on the brand and type of new AC system that will work best in your space. PECO is a qualified HVAC contractor; we hold mechanical and electrical licenses and a certification for inverter mini-splits systems. Our service technicians have South Carolina refrigerant licenses. We can even install solar ready heat pump systems – these cost efficient HVAC systems can help reduce your electrical bill and may be applicable for a rebate from the U.S. Government. Contact us today for help with your air conditioning in Sunset SC.

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