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Air Conditioning Seneca SC

When you need maintenance, repair, or installation of an air conditioning unit in Seneca SC, you don’t have to look far. PECO Heating and Cooling provides our valued customers with superior customer service and professional air conditioning repair.

Our expert service technicians offer:

  • Maintenance and service – cleaning and checking your unit
  • Diagnostics – inspection of a variety of parts
  • Repair – explaining to the customer what needs to be done, replacing or repairing parts as necessary, follow up as needed
  • Installation – when your old HVAC unit malfunctions or you are ready to upgrade, we’re here

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air conditioning Seneca SC

It can be unbearably hot in Seneca during the summertime. PECO has offered tips on how to efficiently cool your home during these warm days. If your air conditioning unit is not keeping your home comfortably cool, there could be several issues. The unit could be under performing and in need of routine maintenance, there could be a larger problem, or it could simply be under-equipped to deal with the space. A smaller unit or a window AC cannot adequately cool a large space, particularly as temperatures approach triple digits. We can discuss the proper HVAC unit for your space and recommend the proper unit. We will install the new air conditioning unit in your Seneca SC home and recycle the old unit. We even take the old Freon into an EPA certified jug and send to a recycling facility.

If you are frantically Google searching “air conditioning repair near me” in an attempt to find a qualified HVAC contractor, look no further! PECO provides a full spectrum of services, expert electricians, and prompt service! We have a live 24/7 answering service and offer same day or next day service calls. Contact us today to schedule your air conditioning repair or any other home repair. We look forward to working with you.

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